Artist For Watermelons is an art initiative based in Ireland, who stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine.

We are raising funds for Gaza through sales of prints and an upcoming release of t-shirts and tote bags. We are a small team of 3 artists and every voluntary effort behind AFW comes from our hearts. It was formed to support the people of Gaza who are surviving unspeakable atrocities and in honour of our many Palestinian friends exiled in Ireland.

Where are your donations going?

Artists from all over the world donated 150 artworks to the AFW auction. The money raised will go to Medical Aid Palestine and the Palestinian Children's Relief Fund.

Aside from printing costs which are included in each artwork's price and a 1-4% payment processing fee all proceeds from the auction will go to the charities. The artists and organisers have agreed not to take any cut from sales so that as much funds as possible can go to Gaza.

How to get Involved?

The auction will go live on Wednesday 29th of November. The artworks will be split into three releases, allowing donors to bid on a selection of artworks for three days. After these artwork auctions end the next release will go live. The final release will finish on Thursday 7th of December and end the overall auction. Please follow our Instagram account for updates on each release.

While the funds raised from the auction will contribute to emergency support of the people of Gaza, we acknowledge that donations will not stop the bombing. Therefore we urge you to continue to take action to bring forth a permanent ceasefire.

Resources For Palestine
  • Medical Aid for Palestinians

    MAP is a UK-based charity/non-profit working for the health and dignity of Palestinians living under occupation. They are one of the last organisations distributing medical supplies, aid and food procured from inside Gaza.

    They are now working with local partners to distribute hot meals to thousands of displaced families and are collecting urgent medical supplies in Egypt to take through the Rafah crossing.

    Medical Aid for Palestinians 
  • The Palestinian Children's Relief Fund

    The PCRF is a US based non governmental organization addressing medical and humanitarian crises facing children in Palestine.

    They are currently working with Anera Organisation and World Central Kitchen to provide hot meals to thousands of families in Gaza. They are providing urgent medical aid via air freight and helped to organise the evacuation of children with cancer and rare disorders to Egypt.

    The PCRF